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Gracefield International Kindergarten

Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

Gracefield International Kindergarten warmly opened its doors to the world in 2015. Our beautiful campus has an estimated area of 6000 square meters. Each square meter is devoted with the children's integrity in mind. We have brilliantly created a series of educational systems based on many years of experience, practice, and research. These systems include, but are not limited to; early educational theory, child psychology, child development, unique curriculum design, and classroom operations that will prepare the child for a bright future.

These were all created and premised according to China's national standards. Gracefield has surpassed these standards by integrating both Eastern and Western educational philosophies in order to prepare them for the global 21st century.

The nature of our campus includes a spacious, harmonious, and environmentally friendly atmosphere in order assist in the child's healthy future. Everything was designed in order to promote a stimulating environment. Education does not stop in the classroom, which is why we integrated outdoor exploration into our curriculum.

Our diverse selection of classrooms all include quality books where children, parents, and staff have access to. As you walk through our campus, you will see a variety of handmade traditional toys, a sand-box, swimming pool, fish pond, beautiful gardens, jungle gym, two basketball courts, playground, race track, as well as special rooms for art, Legos, carpentry, cooking, reading, dancing, and drama.

We strongly believe that by combining love, freedom, and equality, the children's inner integrity will be fulfilled. We have formed a unique curriculum system along with progressive teaching and nursing methods based on these three themes. The professional teachers of Gracefield International Kindergarten have unconditional love, talent, and passion for education. We want you to experience the boundless joy when your child has found their inner wisdom and noble soul. Welcome to Gracefield International Kindergarten; where love, freedom, and equality roam infinitely around our campus and within each and every child’s soul.

About Us

Our business specializes in providing qualified tutors from native English speaking countries for Chinese infant nurseries, private schools, universities, and companies. With various affiliations throughout the country of China, we also offer undergraduates a short-term internship with a small stipend in Chinese main cities.


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