The job involves providing care and educating children at ages of 3-6 and 13-18 years old.

Education/Experience Requirements

A successful candidate MUST hold a bachelor's degree in education, arts or sports, otherwise have two-year work experience. Undergraduates, apprentices and volunteers are always welcome. Some employers may provide you with some courses including child psychology, education theory, child development, curriculum planning and teaching techniques.


Effective written and verbal communication skills, teaching skills, research skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills and planning skills. Preschool teachers must also be compassionate, patient, alert, detail-oriented, creative, and be able to relate information to students in a way they could understand. Nursery tutors need to use various creative teaching techniques, such as artwork, storytelling, games, music, nursery rhymes and computers to help build vocabulary and learn basics of numbers, alphabets, art, music and sports.

Specific Work Elements

Providing materials and resources to children; planning and implementing imaginative play and other learning activities; attending to basic children’s needs such as food and clothes; establishing and enforcing rules for behavior; reading books to the class; teaching basic skills such as personal hygiene and social skills; observing and evaluating children’s social development, physical health, behavior and school performance; meeting with parents or guardians to discuss their children's needs and progress; enforcing administration policies; arranging indoor and outdoor education events, among others.

Recruitment Information

If you are ready for a teaching adventure in China, what you need to do is as follow.

1. Talk to our recruitingcounsellors about your intention of teaching in China.

2. Create a short videoto introduce yourself. Here are some key points to include in your one- or two-minute video: name, age, where you are from, work experience, skillset, and why you’d like to work in China, etc.

[Go to and upload your video. It’s really easy. Once you’ve uploaded your video, email it to us.]

3. Attend an online interview witha prospectiveemployer.

4. Sign a work contract with us if your interview is successful.

5. Fill in anapplication form and submit requiredmaterials for Foreigner’s Work Permit application.

6. Apply for Z visa when you receive a Foreigner’s Work Permit Notice.

Application Materials

1. Application form

2. Passport, visa or valid residence permit

3. Certificate(diploma)of highest academic degree or relevant vocational qualificationcertificate

4. Non-criminal record certificate

5. Medical certificate

6. Employment contract

7. TESOL or TEFL certificate(preferred)

About Us

Our business specializes in providing qualified tutors from native English speaking countries for Chinese nurseries and private schools. With various affiliations throughout the country of China, we also offer undergraduates a well-paid internship for work in Chinese main cities.


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